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Will an anatomy and physiology course in high school help for a kinesiology major?

Hi everyone! I’m planning my junior year schedule and I’m really interested in kinesiology as a major for college. Will taking anatomy and physiology in high school give me a head start? Or are there other science courses that colleges might prefer to see on my transcript?

7 months ago

Absolutely, taking an anatomy and physiology course in high school can be a great asset if you're considering a kinesiology major. Not only does it show your interest in and dedication to the field, but it also provides a strong foundation for the advanced topics you'll encounter in college.

Colleges tend to look favorably upon students who challenge themselves with relevant coursework to their intended major. By taking this course, you're demonstrating that you're eager to explore and understand the complexities of the human body, which is at the heart of kinesiology.

In addition to anatomy and physiology, consider other advanced science courses like biology or chemistry if they're available at your school. They can further strengthen your preparation.

However, anatomy and physiology is definitely a strong choice and aligns well with the kinesiology field. Remember to balance your schedule so you're also able to maintain high grades and engagement in your other classes and extracurriculars. It's all about showing that you're well-prepared academically while still being able to manage your time effectively.

Best of luck with your junior year!

7 months ago

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