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How effective is taking a Study Skills class in high school for college prep?

Hey everyone, I’ve heard some mixed opinions about enrolling in a Study Skills class during high school. Does it really make a difference when it comes to being ready for the workload of college? Anyone who’s taken it found it beneficial? Looking for some honest advice because my schedule is getting pretty packed junior year and I wanna make smart choices. Thanks!

7 months ago

Hi there! It's great that you're thinking ahead about preparing for college. Many students do benefit from taking a Study Skills class, especially if they haven't yet found effective strategies for managing their time and workload. This class can teach you techniques like time management, note-taking, test preparation, and how to organize your studies, which can be incredibly valuable in college where you're expected to be more independent.

However, since your schedule is packed, you should also consider if you can learn these skills through other avenues, maybe even self-study or workshops, without overloading yourself, or how good you are a these things already. If you're overall good at managing your time, you probably don't need this class, as while your workload will be heavier in college, your overall ability to manage your time will translate.

Moreover, if you have AP classes or other demanding courses, those will also teach you discipline and strong study habits through their rigors. So, while a Study Skills class can be beneficial for foundational skills, it's not the only path towards building good habits. If your schedule is already packed, then adding this one more commitment could actually end up being counterproductive. I would ask yourself honestly how much it'll really help you, and decide accordingly.

Best of luck with your junior year!

7 months ago

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