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Is taking an online World History course in high school looked upon favorably by colleges?

Hey everyone, I'm considering enrolling in an online World History course to fulfill my high school's history requirement. I'm aiming for colleges that value strong social science credentials. Does anyone know if admissions committees view online courses, particularly for World History, as equivalent to in-person classes?

7 months ago

Taking an online World History course can be a good move, especially if it allows you to manage your schedule more effectively and do well in your other courses. Admissions committees generally appreciate students who take the initiative to pursue their education in different formats. What's crucial, though is the academic challenge of the course and how it fits into your overall high school curriculum.

If the online course is offered by a reputable institution and is either equivalent to an AP course or is college-level, it could indeed be viewed favorably as an indication of your readiness for college-level work in the social sciences. But if the course isn't regarded as rigorous, then colleges may think you're slacking off by taking it.

If you find some options that look good, I would check in with your guidance counselor, or potentially the history teachers at your high school as well, to hear their thoughts. Good luck!

7 months ago

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