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Are online math courses for high school credit taken seriously by admissions?

I'm a bit of a math enthusiast and completed all the math courses available at my school. Found an advanced online math course for high school credit. Do colleges give equal weight to online courses like this, or do they prefer in-person learning?

7 months ago

Colleges typically view accredited online courses favorably, especially when they allow students like you to go beyond what’s available at your school. Demonstrating initiative in furthering your education is a great plus. It’s important that the course is from a reputable provider, though—check in with your guidance counselor and/or math teachers to get a sense of how the one you've found is viewed in the broader education community.

Also make sure to provide context in your application about why you pursued online coursework. Writing an essay, whether your personal statement or a supplement, about your enthusiasm for math and your desire to advance beyond what your school offers can give admissions officers important context for your decision. You could also discuss this in the "additional information" section of the Common App, if you want to dedicate your main essays to other parts of your identity and background.

Finally, if you do take this class, make sure to excel just as you would in regular in-person classes! Good luck with your decision!

7 months ago

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