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Sending AP Scores via Common App — How?

I'm a bit stressed out here trying to figure out the best way to send my AP scores through the Common App. Do colleges want all my scores, or just the relevant ones? Also, is it done on the application or separately?

7 months ago

I understand the stress around this, and I'm here to help! On the Common App, there's a section where you can self-report your AP scores. Colleges generally like to see all your scores as it presents a complete picture of your academic rigor and achievements. However, reporting lower scores is typically optional.

If you have scores that you're proud of and that you believe reflect your abilities, definitely include them. As for sending official score reports, you usually only need to do this for the school you decide to attend after you've been accepted.

It's all done on the application initially, and separately through the College Board for the official scores later on. If you're proud of how you've done on these exams—show them off! Colleges appreciate seeing the challenge you've taken on in your coursework, and good AP scores are icing on the cake.

7 months ago

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