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Do colleges still require the SAT/ACT?

Hey guys, I'm kinda stressing because I'm hearing different things from people about standardized tests. Could you tell me if the SAT or ACT is still required for college admissions? Do I need to focus on these tests, or has the importance of them changed with test-optional policies?

7 months ago

The landscape of college admissions has indeed changed with the rise of test-optional policies. Many colleges have shifted to a test-optional approach, particularly due to the pandemic, which made accessing testing centers more challenging. That said, some institutions still do require SAT or ACT scores, especially certain state universities and more competitive programs.

The importance of the SAT/ACT can vary by school and student. If you're applying to test-optional schools and feel your application is strong without your test scores, you may not need to submit them. However, if you believe your scores will enhance your application, or if you're targeting schools that do require these tests, then preparing for and taking the SAT or ACT would be advisable.

To ensure you're on the right track, check the admissions page of each college you're interested in for their specific testing policies. If you still have concerns or are deciding whether to submit your scores to test-optional schools, consider how competitive your scores are relative to the middle 50% SAT/ACT range published by the colleges.

Keep in mind, some merit-based scholarships still require test scores, so that's another factor to consider. Ultimately, how you approach the SAT/ACT should align with your overall application strategy and the requirements of the institutions you hope to attend.

7 months ago

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