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What colleges offer a vibe similar to Loyola Chicago's urban campus?

Hey folks! I've been doing some college searching and found that I really like Loyola Chicago's urban, but still campus-centric environment. Does anyone have suggestions for schools with a similar atmosphere? I'm particularly looking for places where there's a good balance between city life and a contained campus.

7 months ago

Hey there! I'm glad you've found a style of campus that resonates with you. For urban campuses that still maintain a community feel, consider looking at Fordham University in New York City, which has a traditional campus within the city. Georgetown University—in Washington, D.C.—also offers a distinct campus within an urban setting.

Boston University and Northeastern University, both in Boston, blend into the cityscape but provide that sense of campus community. Depaul University in Chicago provides a similar environment to Loyola with a bit more integration into the city. Lastly, the University of Pittsburgh has a campus that gives a university feel in an urban area.

Keep in mind that each of these schools still has its own unique culture and some differences in how the campus is woven into the city fabric, so I recommend virtual or in-person tours to get a sense of each one. Happy hunting!

7 months ago

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