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Study abroad in Japan as a high school student for college apps?

So, I've been studying Japanese for a while and I'm super into the culture. There's this study abroad program in Japan I’m eyeing for next summer. Anyone know if doing a high school study abroad in Japan could give my college apps an edge or should I focus on other activities? Super curious what admissions officers might think!

7 months ago

Hello! A study abroad experience can be an enriching one that adds depth to your application, especially if it aligns with your demonstrated interests—in your case, Japanese language and culture. Beyond just giving your college app an 'edge,' it could be a transformative personal experience that shapes your worldview and academic interests.

For example, a cultural exchange program might became a focal point in your admissions essays. Something like that can provide a unique narrative that showcases your adaptability, curiosity, and global awareness.

However, remember that selective colleges look for a 'spike' in your profile as evidence of your passion and excellence in a particular area. If the study abroad program allows you to delve deeper into Japanese language and culture, perhaps even leading to a specific project or initiative, it could indeed strengthen your applications.

Admissions officers might appreciate seeing how you've applied your language skills and cultural understanding in real-world contexts. Nevertheless, ensure you maintain a balance with your other commitments and high-level coursework when you return. Since this experience aligns well with your interests, it can add a compelling layer to your application narrative, provided it doesn't come at the cost of academic rigor or your primary extracurricular involvements.

7 months ago

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