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Computer Science Class Benefits in High School?

Hey guys, I'm super into tech and considering taking a computer science class next semester. For those who’ve taken CS courses in high school, do you feel like it benefited you? Did it help with college admissions or just give you a solid foundation? Should I aim for AP level or just a regular intro class? Any guidance is appreciated!

7 months ago

It's fantastic that you're exploring your passion for technology and considering a computer science class! Taking a CS course in high school can definitely be beneficial both for building a foundation of knowledge and for college admissions, especially if you're planning to major in a tech-related field.

An AP level class would strengthen your transcript and show colleges that you're challenging yourself academically. However, if you're new to computer science, starting with an introductory course can be a good stepping stone to ensure you understand the basics before moving on to more advanced material.

You mentioned being 'super into tech,' so it seems like you have a genuine interest in the subject, which is what colleges like to see. If you do well in an AP level course, it not only demonstrates your proficiency in a rigorous class but may also earn you college credits, making it a valuable option.

Keep in mind that showing depth in your interests can be more impressive than a wide array of disconnected activities. So, if computer science is your passion, go for it, and consider how you might deepen your involvement in this area through independent projects, clubs, or competitions! Good luck with your decision, and enjoy your exploration into the world of computer science.

7 months ago

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