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What are some research universities with an undergraduate focus like Rice?

I’m kinda stressed but hopeful, looking for universities similar to Rice where research is strong, but there’s also a clear focus on the undergrad experience. Rice's balance seems perfect but it's super selective, so I’m trying to find backups that give you the personal attention and opportunities for undergrads to get involved in research.

7 months ago

Absolutely, researching for universities with a strong undergraduate focus like Rice is a great approach! For research universities with an emphasis on undergrads, you might want to consider schools like Tufts University or Wake Forest University. Both are known for fostering a personalized educational experience where undergraduate research is encouraged and supported. Another institution you could look into is the University of Rochester, which offers extensive research opportunities and a smaller undergraduate community.

Additionally, Lehigh University and Case Western Reserve University provide robust undergraduate research programs with personal attention to students. Don't forget to explore undergraduate research opportunities directly on these universities' websites or reach out to their admissions offices for more specific information. Keep in mind as you research that the balance you’re looking for can often be found at smaller research universities or liberal arts colleges with a strong emphasis on science and research.

Lastly, while Rice is indeed selective, remember to put together a strong application reflecting your unique strengths and interests, and consider applying early decision if it truly is your first choice, as this can sometimes significantly boost your chances of admission. Keep your options open and best of luck with your applications!

7 months ago

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