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Timing for Northwestern Likely Letters?

Hi all, the waiting game is absolutely brutal, and I’ve been clinging to any hope for good news. I applied to Northwestern ED, and I’m wondering if anyone knows when they send out their likely letters and what criteria they might use?

7 months ago

Hello there! I completely understand how the anticipation can be nerve-wracking during this time. Likely letters are a way for colleges like Northwestern to signal to outstanding applicants that they are strong contenders for admission, often before official decisions are released. Northwestern doesn’t officially announce when these letters are sent, and not all schools use them. For schools that do, they tend to be sent a few weeks to a month before regular admission decisions.

The criteria for likely letters typically include exceptional academic achievements, unique talents, or outstanding extracurricular leadership. Keep in mind they are sent to a very small percentage of applicants, so not receiving one doesn't indicate anything negative about your chances of being accepted. Also, since you applied ED, remember that if admitted, the commitment is binding, and likely letters might not be as commonly used for ED applicants because ED in itself is a strong indication of interest. Always keep your options open and continue to focus on finishing your senior year strong. Wishing you the best of luck, and remember that regardless of the outcome, you have a bright future ahead!

7 months ago

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