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Thoughts on taking an online precalculus summer course?

I'm trying to be proactive this summer and considering an online precalc course. I feel like it could set me up for success in Calc AB next year. Has anyone done this and if so, did you find it helpful? Also, how do you think colleges perceive summer academic courses?

7 months ago

I think it's a fantastic idea to take an online precalculus course over the summer, especially if it prepares you for Calculus AB the following year. Not only does it show initiative and a commitment to your academic growth, but it can also give you a solid foundation and confidence in handling more advanced math courses. As for college perceptions, they generally view summer academic courses positively, as they demonstrate a student's dedication to learning beyond the required curriculum.

Colleges are always looking for students who challenge themselves and take advantage of opportunities to learn and grow. Just make sure the course you choose is from a reputable program and that you're genuinely interested in the material. This ensures you get the most out of the experience, and it can even be a talking point in your future applications to showcase your proactive approach to education. Good luck, and enjoy your summer learning!

7 months ago

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