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Professional communication class in high school – is it worth it?

Alright, so my school offers this class called 'Professional Communication' and I’m wondering if it's beneficial for college apps. I’ve got a pretty packed schedule but I'm considering squeezing this in. Thoughts? Has anyone taken a similar class, and did it help you in any way for college or just in general life skills?

7 months ago

It's great to see that you're thoughtfully considering your class schedule in the context of college applications and personal development! A 'Professional Communication' class can indeed be beneficial, both for your college application and for life skills. From an admissions point of view, this type of course demonstrates your willingness to acquire practical skills that are highly applicable in any field of study or career. It highlights an understanding that communication is a key component to success.

While not as traditionally academic as other options, it can still add depth to your application, especially if your intended major or career path is related to communication, business, or leadership. Beyond college applications, the skills you learn in this class – such as public speaking, writing, and interpersonal communication – are invaluable in almost every aspect of life. They're not just resume builders; they're life builders.

If you decide to take it, be sure to reflect on what you've learned and be prepared to discuss it in interviews or essays where it's relevant. If it aligns with your interests and you can manage your schedule effectively, it could be a fantastic opportunity to grow both academically and personally.

7 months ago

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