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Are CLEP Exam Credits Widely Accepted?

Okay, I'm stressing a bit about the cost of college textbooks and classes. So, I'm looking into CLEP exams to cut down on costs and time. But I’m a bit confused on whether the credits from CLEP exams are widely accepted at most colleges or universities. How can I find accurate info about this? Could use some help!

7 months ago

Breathe easy, navigating the financial aspects of college can be challenging, but you're on the right track exploring options like CLEP exams. They can indeed be a cost-effective way to earn college credit. Generally speaking, CLEP credits are accepted by a significant number of colleges and universities, but policies vary widely. To find accurate information, I recommend visiting the College Board’s CLEP website, which provides a searchable database where you can check the CLEP policy of many institutions.

Furthermore, once you have a shortlist of colleges in mind, go straight to their official websites and search for 'CLEP credit policy’ or contact the admissions office directly. Remember, even if a college accepts CLEP credits, the amount of credit you can receive and which exams are accepted will differ. Some schools may impose limits on the number of CLEP credits allowed, or may only accept certain exams for credit.

As an example, a common policy might be to accept CLEP credits for general education requirements, rather than for major-specific courses. This strategy you're considering is smart and proactive—it's all about conducting thorough research and reaching out to each institution to understand their specific policies. Good luck on your CLEP exams should you decide to take them!

7 months ago

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