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Best online psychology courses for high school students?

Yo, I'm really into psych and want to add more strength to my schedule. Has anyone taken or know of any solid online psychology courses that are respected and could give me a good foundation before college? Share your experiences, please!

7 months ago

Hey there! It's fantastic to hear about your interest in psychology – it's such a fascinating field with a lot to offer. I've had a number of students who have taken online courses to strengthen their understanding of psychology before heading to college. A popular option is the AP Psychology course, which is a rigorous, college-level class that can also potentially earn you college credits, depending on your AP exam score and the college's policy. The College Board offers an online version of the AP Psychology course, which you might be able to take through your high school or an approved online provider.

Another reputable source for online courses is Coursera, which partners with universities to offer a range of psychology courses that you can take for a certificate. They often include introductory courses as well as more specialized topics like social psychology, child development, or neuropsychology. edX is another platform similar to Coursera, offering courses from universities like Harvard and MIT. While these certifications from Coursera and edX are not for college credit, they are respected and can certainly give you a strong foundation in psychology.

Make sure to also talk to your school counselor; they may know about dual enrollment opportunities with local community colleges, where you can take psychology courses for both high school and college credit. Remember, it’s great to show colleges that you're pursuing your academic interests outside of the standard curriculum, but ensure you’re not overloading yourself – balance is key. Good luck on your educational journey into psychology!

7 months ago

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