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Study abroad in high school for Italian programs?

Ciao friends! I’m super into languages and I’ve been studying Italian for a while. I’m thinking about doing a study abroad program in Italy during my junior or senior year. Does anyone have insights on how these programs are seen by admissions officers? Also, could this help me stand out when I apply for college, especially if I want to major in linguistics or international relations?

7 months ago

Buongiorno! That's wonderful to hear that you're passionate about languages. Participating in a study abroad program can be a great learning opportunity and can certainly add depth to your college applications. For admissions officers, it can highlight your initiative in pursuing your interests, your dedication to language study, and your openness to new cultural experiences.

If your interest in linguistics or international relations is clear, this study abroad experience can help you demonstrate 'fit' with your intended major. Just be sure to reflect on your time abroad and be prepared to articulate how it has shaped you, possibly through your essays or during interviews. It's not just the experience itself but what you take away from it that will make you stand out. Moreover, this kind of immersion can significantly boost your language proficiency, which is directly related to your intended field of study. Buona fortuna with your plans!

7 months ago

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