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Is the SAT still a widespread requirement for college admissions?

With all these changes to test-optional policies, I'm wondering—is the SAT still a must for a majority of colleges, or has the landscape really changed? How should I take these changes into account when I'm creating my college list and preparing for applications?

7 months ago

While it's accurate that many colleges have adopted test-optional policies, particularly in light of the recent pandemic, the SAT remains an important component of college admissions for numerous institutions. However, as you're building your college list, you'll need to check the exact requirements for each school, as they can vary greatly. For schools that are test-optional, you can decide whether your SAT score will bolster your application.

If you believe your score is competitive within the context of the schools you're interested in, it might be advantageous to submit it. On the other hand, if your scores aren't as strong as the other parts of your application, or you come from a background where the SAT doesn't reflect your true potential, you may decide not to include them.

Test-optional policies provide an opportunity for you to present the strongest application possible based on your individual experiences and achievements. Always review the admissions pages of the colleges you're interested in to make sure you are up-to-date on their policies. As this landscape continues to evolve, it's crucial to check these details each application cycle.

7 months ago

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