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When filling out financial aid info on Common App, is indicating the need for aid harmful?

Okay, let's talk money. I know we have to fill out whether we're seeking need-based financial aid on the Common App. I'm in need, but I’m worried that saying 'yes' might affect my chances of admission. Does anyone have experience or know more about this? Will it count against me in the admissions process?

7 months ago

No need to stress over this part of your application – financial need is typically separated from admission decisions at most schools that are 'need-blind.' This means that when they review your application for admission, they don't consider whether you can pay; they are looking at your academic and extracurricular qualifications. However, be mindful that not all colleges are need-blind, and for international students, the situation can be different.

If you're applying to a 'need-aware' college, they might take into consideration your financial situation. My advice: always check the school's policy directly on their admissions webpage or by calling their financial aid office for the most accurate information. That said, never hesitate to apply for aid if you need it. It's important to have candid conversations about affordability and be aware of your family's financial context while choosing where to apply.

7 months ago

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