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Should I take the engineering class at my high school if I want to major in engineering?

Junior here trying to plan out my senior year. My high school offers an engineering class and I'm thinking of majoring in engineering. Is it worth taking this class, or should I focus on more traditional science and math classes?

7 months ago

Absolutely, taking the engineering class at your high school is a great idea if you're planning on majoring in engineering. It will not only provide you with a foundation in the subject but also demonstrate to colleges your interest in the field. When admissions committees review applications, they look for students who have explored their intended major during high school. This class can serve as evidence of your commitment and also give you a taste of what to expect in college-level engineering courses.

However, it's still important to maintain a strong curriculum in other core areas, especially in math and science, since these subjects are crucial for understanding engineering principles. If you can fit it into your schedule without overwhelming yourself, go for it. The hands-on experience you'll gain could be invaluable, and you might even find a particular area of engineering that you're passionate about which could inform your college studies. Plus, bringing in knowledge from a high school engineering course could give you a head start when you tackle your college coursework. Balance and planning are key – so if you think you can manage the workload, I'd say it's a worthy addition to your senior year classes.

7 months ago

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