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What quirky traditions or fun facts about Northeastern University should I know?

Calling all Huskies! I'm putting together my college list and Northeastern's caught my eye, but I want to go beyond just the stats and rankings. Does anyone know some fun facts or cool traditions at Northeastern that could give me a better feel for the campus vibe?

7 months ago

Hey there! My son is currently at Northeastern and he really enjoys the vibrant community there. One cool tradition you might like is the Husky Hunt, a massive, campus-wide scavenger hunt that their student affairs coordinates. Teams race to solve puzzles and challenges for a whole 24 hours - it's quite the bonding experience!

And of course, Northeastern is known for its co-op program, where students get practical work experiences that complement their studies. It really shapes the culture on campus because at any given time, a significant portion of students is off working in their field, which adds a professional vibe. Hope this helps give you a sense of the Northeastern spirit!

7 months ago

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