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How Valuable are CLEP Exams for College?

I’m a junior right now and I’ve heard about CLEP exams as a way to get college credit. What are the real benefits of taking CLEP exams before going to college? Will it save me a lot of time and money, and is it recognized by most institutions?

7 months ago

CLEP exams can indeed be a valuable asset for your college journey, particularly in terms of credit and cost savings. By passing CLEP exams, you potentially earn college credit for material you've already mastered, which can allow you to skip introductory classes, graduate earlier, or take more advanced or elective courses in college. This can indeed translate into a savings of both time and money.

However, it's important to note that not all colleges and universities accept CLEP credits, and those that do may have different policies regarding which exams they accept and how many credits they award for them. To make the most of your efforts, research the CLEP policies of the schools you're interested in. This information is typically available on the colleges' websites under their Credit by Examination or Transfer Credit policies.

Start by looking up schools you're interested in and noting their stance on CLEP credits. If you do decide to go for CLEP exams, it's best to do so in subjects that you are both interested in and where you have a strong background, which will give you the best chance of earning a passing score.

7 months ago

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