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What's the highest level science class that impresses colleges?

So, I'm planning my courses for next year, and I'm curious, for those aiming at STEM majors, what is considered the highest high school science class that really makes a college application stand out? Any advice on balancing rigor and interest?

7 months ago

It's wonderful to see you taking such a proactive approach to your course planning! When it comes to STEM majors, colleges are indeed impressed by students who challenge themselves with advanced science courses. The highest level often available at many high schools is Advanced Placement (AP) courses, such as AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Physics C, or AP Environmental Science. If you have a specific interest in an area of science, aim to take the AP course that aligns with it.

For a stand-out application, consider dual-enrollment or college-level courses if they are available and you feel prepared for them. Remember, it's important to balance rigor with your overall well-being and interest in the subject. If you genuinely enjoy the material, you're more likely to do well and maintain a strong GPA, which is equally vital.

Plus, your passion for the subject could make for compelling personal insights in your college essays later on. Take the time to reflect on what you're most curious about and then weigh that against your academic workload to ensure you're setting yourself up for success both in high school and in college admissions.

7 months ago

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