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Majors With No Math – Do They Exist?

I'm earnestly curious and a little worried, math is not my strong suit. Can anyone tell me about college majors that typically don't require math courses? I'm hoping to find a path that plays to my strengths!

7 months ago

Absolutely, there are several majors that typically require minimal, if any, math courses. For instance, many humanities subjects like English, history, and philosophy often have very few requirements related to math. Instead, these majors focus more on reading, writing, analysis, and critical thinking. Social sciences such as political science, sociology, and anthropology also usually involve more qualitative analysis than quantitative, which means less math is typically involved.

In the arts, degrees like studio art, theater, and music are more focused on practical skills and creativity. There might be foundational courses or general education requirements that include a basic math class, but those can often be satisfied with an introductory course that may not be as intensive as those required for science or business majors. It's crucial, though, to check with the individual college's core requirements, as these can vary quite a bit from school to school. I've seen plenty of students who were apprehensive about math thrive in majors that played to their other strengths. So don't worry, there are definitely options out there for you!

7 months ago

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