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How to fit Sports Medicine into a schedule aimed at a STEM major?

Just a quick query – I'm deep into planning for next year's classes and I have a strong inclination towards STEM fields, specifically pre-med or engineering in college. But I'm really interested in sports and considering a Sports Medicine class as well. Is this going to help with my apps or should I prioritize another science elective more directly related to my intended field of study?

7 months ago

Absolutely, taking a Sports Medicine class can be a valuable addition to your schedule, especially given your interest in STEM and pre-med. Colleges often look for students who pursue their genuine interests and demonstrate a commitment to exploring them in depth. Sports Medicine can provide a unique intersection between your passion for sports and your academic interests in STEM, thus it can actually enhance your narrative as a well-rounded candidate with specific interests.

Instead of viewing it as a deviation from your STEM focus, consider how it complements and enriches your understanding of the human body, which is very relevant to both pre-med and engineering disciplines in terms of biomechanics.

Also, this class may offer a practical, hands-on learning experience that could serve as a talking point in applications or interviews, showcasing your ability to apply scientific concepts in real-world settings. Just make sure to balance your overall course load so you continue to excel in the core science and math courses that are also critical for a strong STEM application. Remember, it's about creating a cohesive and compelling student profile that shows depth and passion in your area of interest.

7 months ago

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