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Can I tweak my Common App essay post-submission if I've got other colleges left to apply to?

What's up, guys? Quick q - if I've submitted my Common App to one school, but have more on my list, can I make changes to my essay for the rest of the schools or is it set in stone now?

7 months ago

Absolutely, you can still make changes to your Common App essay for subsequent submissions. The Common Application system is designed with this flexibility in mind, understanding that students may want to tailor their essays to resonate more strongly with different institutions.

Just remember that once you submit your application to a particular school, the content is locked in for that institution. For the remaining schools on your list, you can revisit and revise your essay as needed. Be sure to give each version a thorough review to ensure it addresses the unique aspects of each college and aligns with what they're looking for in a candidate.

Before you make any changes, though, it might be worthwhile to reflect on why you want to tweak your essay. Is it to better align with a college's culture or offerings, or did you spot an area for improvement? Whatever the case, this can be an excellent opportunity to refine your personal narrative and enhance your essay's impact. Just make sure to double-check all of your materials before hitting 'submit' on each of your remaining applications. Good luck with the rest of your submissions!

7 months ago

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