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How can I showcase my unique extracurriculars to stand out in college apps?

Yo, I’ve been getting really into aquascaping and bonsai cultivation recently, and I’m sort of a big deal in a few online communities for it. It’s not your typical football or Model UN stuff that everyone seems to do. How can I reflect this in my apps so schools like the University of Florida recognize it’s a big part of who I am?

7 months ago

I'm thrilled to hear about your passion for aquascaping and bonsai cultivation! It's refreshing to see students engage in unique hobbies that are meaningful to them. Since these activities are quite distinctive, you have a great opportunity to shine.

On your applications, particularly for the University of Florida, you'll generally have a section where you can list your extracurricular activities. Make sure to describe your involvement in detail, emphasizing any leadership roles or contributions to online communities. For example, if you've organized events or written articles that helped educate others, those are accomplishments worth highlighting.

Another powerful way to showcase this part of your life is through your essays. You could write about a specific project that you're especially proud of, a challenge you faced and overcame in your aquascaping or bonsai cultivation. This could help admissions officers understand not just what you do, but also your problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and creativity.

Lastly, consider asking for recommendations from people who have seen you excel in these areas, like moderators of the online communities you're involved in or fellow enthusiasts who can speak to your passion and dedication. This can lend additional credibility to your endeavors and help you stand out as a unique and committed applicant. Best of luck with your applications!

7 months ago

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