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As an athlete, how important is it to highlight my stats as one of the top high school running backs in my class?

I’m in the running (no pun intended) to be one of the top high school running backs for the class of 2024, and I’m wondering how much my athletic achievements should be emphasized versus academics in my college apps. Any advice from recruited athletes?

7 months ago

Absolutely showcase your athletic achievements, particularly if you're aiming for recruitment. For schools with strong athletic programs, being a top athlete can significantly bolster your application, as colleges often consider athletic talent as part of their holistic review.

That being said, your academic performance shouldn't take a backseat. Remember, you're applying as a student-athlete, with 'student' coming first. While your stats as a running back will make an impact, especially in terms of recruitment, they're part of your overall profile rather than the sole focus. For example, if you're targeting top tier schools, they will be looking for a balance - excellence in the classroom in addition to exceptional performance on the field. Ensure your GPA and test scores (if necessary) are within range for your prospective schools, show rigor in your coursework, and articulate how you've managed to excel academically while being dedicated to your sport.

If relevant, weave in how being a top athlete has developed other skills pertinent to college success, like time management and leadership. Colleges appreciate students who can contribute to the campus in a variety of ways, so don't sell yourself short in any area. And don't forget to highlight this 'spike' in your essays and applications – it will help you stand out.

In short, emphasize both your athletic prowess and academic qualifications to present yourself as a well-rounded candidate.

7 months ago

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