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Best books for studying for CLEP exams?

Current junior pulling my hair out over APs, but I want to earn some college credit through CLEP exams. Which study books did you find the most helpful? I’m on a tight budget, so I need the most bang for my buck!

7 months ago

Hey there! Don't stress too much—CLEP exams are a great way to earn college credit. From my experience working with students, 'The Official CLEP Study Guide' by the College Board is one solid choice; it's made by the same people who create the exams. It gives you a good overview of the format and sample questions.

Another resource that students found useful for a more in-depth review is the 'REA CLEP' series. These books come with practice tests that are quite valuable in preparing for the actual exams. If you're on a budget, check to see if your school or local library has copies of these study guides or if you can find second-hand versions online. Sometimes former students are also willing to pass on their study materials at a low cost or even for free—so don't hesitate to reach out to your school network.

Lastly, digital resources like 'Modern States' offer free online courses that prepare you for CLEP tests and could also be extremely helpful. Just remember, how you study can be as important as what you study, so be sure to take practice tests under real conditions. Good luck!

7 months ago

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