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Are Plato classes in high school viewed favorably by colleges?

I've heard about Plato classes at my school that are used for credit recovery or alternative learning. Do colleges see these classes as rigorous, or should I be wary of taking them if I'm aiming for a top-tier university?

7 months ago

Hello and thank you for your excellent question. The term 'Plato classes' often refers to online courses provided by Edmentum's Plato Courseware, which is commonly used for credit recovery or for students to take courses that might not be available at their school. When it comes to college admissions, especially at top-tier universities, the rigor of your coursework is an important factor. Admissions committees generally give more weight to AP, IB, honors, and dual-enrollment courses when assessing a student’s course load for rigor.

Plato courses, while valuable for credit recovery or as a supplement to your learning, may not be regarded with the same level of rigor as these other offerings. If you are aiming for a top-tier university and your school offers a range of advanced courses, it would be a good strategy to enroll in those more challenging classes when possible.

Nevertheless, if Plato classes are the only way for you to explore a subject you are truly passionate about or complete necessary graduation requirements, then they certainly have their place on your transcript. Keep in mind that context matters; if your transcript shows a mix of rigorous coursework alongside Plato courses, colleges will take a holistic view of your educational journey.

The most important thing is to pursue the most challenging courses you can successfully manage, and to excel in them to show colleges your academic potential and readiness for college-level work.

7 months ago

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