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Any advice on utilizing business case studies in high school?

So I'm thinking about majoring in business, and I've heard that analyzing case studies is a big part of business school. As a high school junior, does it make sense for me to start looking at business case studies now? If so, how should I approach them and are there any resources you'd recommend to get started?

7 months ago

It's fantastic that you're considering preparing for your business major ahead of time! Engaging with business case studies can certainly give you a head start in developing analytical skills and understanding real-world business scenarios. My suggestion would be to start with well-known case studies from prominent business schools like Harvard Business School. They often publish case studies that undergraduates use. There's also the Case Centre, which is a digital repository of cases across various business topics.

While analyzing case studies, focus on identifying the problem, understanding the context, evaluating the strategy, and proposing your own solutions. Perhaps you can form a study group with peers interested in business, which will allow you to discuss different perspectives. If you're up for it, you might even tackle a few as part of a school project or presentation. This could act as a practical application and enhance your learning experience. Remember to always balance this with your current school workload and extracurriculars to maintain a well-rounded profile. Best of luck!

7 months ago

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