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Crafting the Common App Activities List

I'm a bit stressed about how to list my extracurriculars on the Common App. What are some tips for writing a strong activities section? I want to make sure I present my involvement effectively without sounding bland or repetitive.

7 months ago

Understanding how to make your activities list pop can indeed feel a bit daunting, but I'm glad to see you're putting thought into it. A strategic approach can make a significant difference! Begin by listing your most meaningful and involved activities first. Emphasis on leadership roles or unique contributions you've made will stand out. Be concise, but use active verbs to describe your roles and impact. Think about the results of your involvement: Did you raise funds? Increase membership? Lead a successful project? Highlight these accomplishments.

Remember, the quality of involvement is much more crucial than the number of activities. Dedication and commitment shine through when you show sustained involvement and growth in a few activities, rather than a long list of one-off engagements. If you had any Tier 1 or Tier 2 extracurriculars, definitely lead with those. Lastly, consider the space limits and optimize it by focusing on what you want colleges to know about you and what makes you stand out as a candidate. Don't be afraid to show a bit of your personality here as well; it can help to humanize your application and make you more memorable. Good luck, and remember this is just one part of your whole application!

7 months ago

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