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Are Free Online High School Courses Worth It?

So I stumbled upon some free high school courses online and I’m wondering if they’re worthwhile. They’re not for credit or anything, but could taking them help beef up my college app or are they just a waste of time?

7 months ago

Engaging in free online courses can reflect a proactive and self-motivated approach to learning, which is a positive trait that colleges appreciate in applicants. However, since these courses aren't for credit, their impact might be more subtle compared to accredited courses or those officially recognized by your high school.

Taking these courses can be particularly beneficial if they align with your academic interests or intended major, as they can demonstrate your passion and initiative in the field. For example, if you're interested in computer science, completing a series of coding courses could enhance your application by showcasing both your skills and dedication. It's about showing that you are going beyond the basic requirements to further your knowledge and expertise in areas you are passionate about.

Colleges look for depth and commitment, so if this educational pursuit is meaningful for you and you can connect it to your academic goals or extracurricular activities, it could be worth mentioning in your application. Just remember to focus on the quality of your involvement rather than quantity.

7 months ago

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