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What's the average high school GPA for students in Illinois?

Can anyone tell me what the average high school GPA is in Illinois? I'm trying to gauge how I compare to other students in my state, and I think that info would be really helpful. Plus, it might give me a better idea of what colleges are looking for since I'll be applying next year.

7 months ago

It's wonderful that you're thinking ahead about your college applications and how you compare to other students in your region. The average high school GPA can vary significantly from one state to another and even from one school district to another within the same state. According to the Illinois State Board of Education, the state average weighted GPA was around 3.0 a few years back, but this figure might differ today.

Do keep in mind that colleges will often evaluate your GPA in the context of your school's profile which includes the courses available and the average grades given. If you're above the average for your state, that's a good indicator, but remember that selective schools will be looking for GPAs that are well above average, especially in challenging courses. Keep striving for the best grades you can and consider the rigor of your courses when you're assessing your academic standing.

7 months ago

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