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Concluding the Common App Essay

Stressed junior here needing some advice! How did you guys end your Common App essay? I want to make sure my conclusion is strong and leaves an impression. Any strategies or things to consider for the last sentence or paragraph?

7 months ago

I understand the importance of a strong conclusion in your Common App essay – it's your final chance to leave a lasting impression on the admissions committee! Think of your concluding paragraph as the ribbon that neatly wraps up the package of your personal story. It should reflect upon how your experiences have shaped you and point towards your future, emphasizing your readiness for college.

A strategy could be to echo themes or a poignant moment from your introduction, creating a full-circle effect. For instance, if you began your essay with a description of a specific event, reference that event again in your conclusion to illustrate how it ultimately influenced your personal growth.

Remember, the last sentence is pivotal: craft it to be reflective and forward-looking, poignant yet open-ended, inviting the readers to imagine the impact you will make on their campus and beyond. Keep it genuine, succinct, and ensure it encapsulates the essence of your message. Good luck!

7 months ago

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