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Experience with taking AP Music Theory online in high school?

Hey everyone, I'm super into music and considering taking AP Music Theory, but my school doesn't offer it. Has anyone taken it online? What was your experience like balancing it with other high school classes, and do you have any recommendations for good online programs?

7 months ago

Hello there! It's fantastic that you're pursuing your passion for music by considering AP Music Theory. Many students have had success with online AP courses, especially when they're self-motivated and well-organized. Balancing an online course with your regular high school curriculum can be a challenge, but it’s definitely manageable with good time management skills. You'll need to commit to a regular study schedule and ensure you're staying on top of the material, as online courses often require a high degree of self-discipline.

One recommendation is to connect with others who are also taking the course online, as forming a study group, even virtually, can be incredibly beneficial. In terms of finding a good online AP Music Theory program, I would suggest looking into well-established virtual schools such as Johns Hopkins CTY Online or the Berklee College of Music's online extensions. Always check their accreditation and if the College Board recognizes the program, to ensure you'll receive AP credit for your hard work. Additionally, make sure you practice ear training and sight-reading regularly since they're crucial components of the course. Best wishes, and I hope you find the online learning process both challenging and rewarding!

7 months ago

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