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Can you give me examples of questions that commonly come up in college admissions interviews?

Hey everyone! As I'm prepping for potential interviews, I was wondering if any of you might know what sort of questions are commonly asked. Are there specific things the interviewers tend to focus on, or does it vary a lot from college to college?

7 months ago

Certainly! While each interviewer may have their own style, there are some common themes and questions that tend to come up during college admissions interviews. The goal of the interviewer is often to get to know you as a person and understand how you might fit into their college community. For instance, you might be asked about your academic interests and why you're drawn to the major you've chosen. They may inquire about challenges you've faced and how you overcame them, which can provide insight into your resilience and problem-solving abilities.

Interviewers often touch on your high school experience, including extracurriculars, to see how you might contribute to campus life. Questions like 'What can you contribute to our college community?' or 'Tell me about a time you worked on a team' are pretty standard. Some interviews might also include a prompt like 'Discuss a book that's had a major impact on you,' to gauge your intellectual curiosity.

Make sure you’re also prepared with questions for them, as it shows your genuine interest in the institution. Research the school thoroughly before your interview, and I'd recommend having 2-3 thoughtful questions ready. Good luck – you're going to do great!

7 months ago

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