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What are the typical college requirements for a Business major?

For any business majors out there, could you share what classes you needed to take in college for your major? I'm trying to see if my high school courses align well with what's expected in college and I'm not really sure where to get reliable info on the required classes for a business degree. Thanks!

7 months ago

Hey there! I can certainly shed some light on typical college requirements for a Business major.

Generally, you'll start with a core set of business classes that cover the basics: accounting, finance, marketing, management, and economics are all pretty standard. Many programs also require courses in statistics or business calculus, and information systems. As you advance, you'll likely take more specialized classes that align with your interests or concentration, such as entrepreneurship, international business, real estate, hospitality, or human resource management.

It's great that you're planning ahead! Your high school courses don't have to match up exactly, but taking math, economics, and perhaps a computer science or a business-related elective if offered, can give you a solid foundation. Also, enhancing your analytical, leadership, and communication skills through your high school extracurricular activities can be very beneficial.

If you want to know the exact courses required, I'd recommend looking at the business program course catalogs for colleges you're interested in. Each school might have some unique requirements, so it's best to check directly to get the most accurate information.

7 months ago

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