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Are there any classes in high school that can truly prepare me for happiness and well-being in college?

Has anyone ever taken or heard of a high school class focused on happiness or well-being? I’m super curious because with all the stress of admissions and keeping grades up, I just wanna know if there are actual classes that can teach us how to manage stress and be happy. If you’ve taken one, did it make a difference for you?

7 months ago

High school curriculums may not universally include a class specifically labeled as 'happiness' or 'well-being,' but many schools are recognizing the importance of these concepts and integrating related content into existing courses or offerings. For example, health classes often cover topics like stress management and mental health, while some schools have workshops or short courses on mindfulness, time management, and resilience. These skills are crucial not just for college, but for life in general.

If your school doesn’t offer these types of classes, you might find similar content in elective courses like psychology, where you can learn about human behavior and mental health. Additionally, don't discount the influence of extracurricular activities, as they can also teach you valuable skills for managing stress and promoting well-being. For instance, joining a yoga club or participating in a sport can significantly contribute to your happiness and stress management toolkit. And remember, a lot of learning how to be happy and manage stress is personal and comes from life experience.

I've had students who participated in peer counseling or leadership programs where they learned and practiced these skills, and they've reported that these kinds of experiences equipped them with tools for personal growth and stress management. Overall, it's excellent that you're thinking about this! My advice is to seek out opportunities that resonate with you and proactively incorporate well-being practices into your daily routine. This proactive approach will serve you well during college and beyond.

7 months ago

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