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Importance of Drama class for a non-theatre major?

Okay, so I'm not planning on majoring in theatre or anything, but I've always enjoyed acting. I want to take Drama class next year, but does anyone know if it's beneficial for the college admissions process even if it's not related to my intended major? Will it help show a creative side to colleges, or is it seen as an 'easy' elective?

7 months ago

Absolutely, taking a Drama class can be a great addition to your high school experience and your college application! Even if you're not planning to major in theatre, showing that you have a broad range of interests can be beneficial. Colleges like to see students who are well-rounded and have pursued passions outside of their intended field of study. It demonstrates that you're willing to step outside your comfort zone and engage in diverse learning experiences. Plus, a Drama class can help you develop skills like public speaking, teamwork, and creative thinking, which are valuable in any field.

As for whether it's considered an 'easy' elective, that really depends on how you engage with the course and what you put into it. If you're actively participating and challenging yourself, it will be evident to the admissions officers when they review your application. If you can, try to take on some leadership roles within the class or related extracurricular activities, like directing a school play or organizing a performance for a community event. Those types of initiatives can really stand out and showcase your creative side further.

Just make sure you're maintaining a strong academic record in your core subjects as well, and you'll be in great shape for the admissions process!

7 months ago

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