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How does community college admission work?

Hello everyone! I'm a junior considering all my options, and honestly, I'm not too keen on drowning in debt. So I'm thinking community college might be the move, at least to start. What are the requirements for getting into a community college? Do they need SAT scores or just a high school transcript? Also, is there a GPA cutoff typically, or is it more open enrollment?

7 months ago

Hello there! It's great to hear you're considering a practical path for your education. Community colleges often have open enrollment policies, which means they accept any student who has completed high school or earned a GED. Typically, they do not require SAT scores. The focus is more on providing access to higher education rather than limiting entry based on grades or test scores. However, some programs within the community college, especially competitive ones like nursing, might have specific GPA requirements or additional application requirements.

For general admission, though, you're often just looking at submitting your high school transcript and completing an application. After admission, you'll usually take placement tests in subjects like math and English to help determine the appropriate level of courses for you to start with. It's a financially savvy way to begin your higher education journey, and many students successfully transfer to four-year universities after completing their associate's degrees or transfer programs. Best of luck in your junior year, and remember that your school counselor is there to help you with this process!

7 months ago

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