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How should I describe my role in Student Council on the Common App?

As someone who's taken on various responsibilities in Student Council, I'm unsure about the best way to convey this in the Activities Section of the Common App. Should I focus on achievements or my responsibilities?

7 months ago

In the Activities Section of the Common App, it's best to balance both responsibilities and achievements. Start by listing your most significant responsibilities to give colleges an idea of your role. Then, highlight any special achievements or initiatives you contributed to or led while on Student Council. Be specific about the impact you made. For example, if you organized a school event, mention how many students participated or how much money you raised if it was a fundraiser.

Remember, you have a 150-character limit for the position/leadership title and organization name, and a 150-character limit for the activity description, so choose concise, powerful words that convey your contributions effectively.

Also, think about the skills you developed and any recognition you may have received, as these are also valuable to admissions officers. If Student Council helped you to enhance your leadership or organizational skills, make sure to note that succinctly. No need to worry about including every single detail – focus on the highlights that show your commitment and impact.

7 months ago

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