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Best resources for free CLEP exam prep?

Hi guys, I'm planning to take a couple of CLEP exams soon and I'm kinda on a budget. Does anyone know of any reliable, free study materials or resources for prepping for these exams? I'd really like to get a solid score but can't shell out too much cash for fancy prep courses. Personal experiences or links would be super helpful!

7 months ago

Hello there! It's great that you're taking the initiative to prepare for your CLEP exams. There are several free resources available that can help you study effectively. The College Board website is a good starting point, as they provide free CLEP Exam Study Guides for each subject. Another fantastic and often overlooked resource is your local library — many libraries have study books that you can check out for free.

You can also search for specific CLEP exam prep videos on platforms like YouTube, where educators and previous test-takers share their advice and strategies.

For practice tests, check out 'Modern States,' a non-profit organization offering free online CLEP courses designed to prepare you for the exams; upon completion of a course, they also offer a voucher to take the exam for free. And don't forget about the power of study groups; you can connect with peers who are also studying for CLEP exams and exchange notes and tips.

Remember, consistency and a good understanding of the test format will be key in your preparation, so it might be helpful to mix and match resources to give you the best overall sense of the exam. All the best with your studies!

7 months ago

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