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Uploading a Resume to the Common App: Should I Do It?

I've crafted a pretty solid resume but I'm uncertain whether I should upload it to the Common App. Do you think it would add value or is it redundant considering the Activities section that's already in there?

7 months ago

I totally understand the desire to showcase the full range of your experiences, and a resume can be a great tool for that. However, when it comes to the Common App, the Activities section is specifically designed for students to highlight their extracurricular involvement so they don't need a resume.

If your resume contains additional information that isn't covered in the Activities section and provides a more complete picture of your achievements and responsibilities, then it may be beneficial to include it. For example, if you have substantial work experience, research projects, or publications that just couldn't fit in the Activities section, your resume would be the place to include that.

On the other hand, if the resume simply restates what you've already mentioned, it might not add value and could even come off as a bit redundant. Admissions officers have to read through a lot of applications, so clarity and conciseness are always appreciated.

If you decide to include a resume, make sure it's well-organized and tailored to highlight experiences that align with your college and career aspirations. Think strategically about what each component of your application is communicating to admissions officers!

7 months ago

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