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What are some examples of CTE classes that colleges like to see?

Junior here wondering what Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes I should consider. Are there specific CTE classes that colleges find impressive or particularly valuable, or do they just view all CTE classes in the same way?

7 months ago

It's great that you're considering CTE classes! Colleges appreciate students who have a strong sense of direction and practical skills. While colleges usually don't prioritize CTE courses over traditional academic courses, they do value the specialized skills and experiences these classes can provide, which is a testament to a student's commitment to a potential career path. Examples of CTE classes that can stand out include those in fields like computer science, engineering technology, health sciences, and business & finance because they align with in-demand career skills. If you're eyeing a STEM-related major, CTE classes like advanced manufacturing or information technology could bolster your application.

Similarly, if you're inclined towards healthcare, classes in medical terminology or biotechnology can showcase relevant expertise. Remember to align your CTE class choices with your interests and potential career goals, that coherence can certainly make your application shine. Also, don't forget to balance your schedule with core academic courses that demonstrate rigor, as they play a central role in college admissions.

7 months ago

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