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Should I bother with submitting the 'optional report' on the Common App?

I've been finalizing my list of tasks for college apps and stumbled upon the 'optional report' in the Common App. Is it truly optional, or is it one of those 'optional but not really' parts of the application?

7 months ago

Hello! It's great that you're being thorough in investigating every part of the Common App. To answer your question, the 'optional report' section is indeed optional. This part of the application is typically used to provide updates to your application after the initial submission. This can include new achievements, updated grades, or corrections to the information you previously submitted. If you don't have significant updates or new information to share since submitting your main application, you might not need to take advantage of this feature.

However, if there have been notable changes in your academic records, extracurricular achievements, or other areas of your application that you believe would strengthen your candidacy, then it may be beneficial to submit an optional report. Think of it as an opportunity to present the most current and compelling picture of your accomplishments. For example, if you've recently won an important award or if your first semester senior year grades show a marked improvement, it would be advantageous to submit an update.

7 months ago

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