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What sets Indiana University apart academically?

I'm in the midst of college planning and researching what different schools excel in. Can anybody tell me what Indiana University is particularly known for? Do they have standout programs or a reputation in certain academic fields? Any Hoosiers out there who can give me some insight?

7 months ago

One of the flagship programs at Indiana University is the Kelley School of Business, which is highly ranked nationally and attracts students interested in a robust business education with opportunities for internships and networking within the industry. If you're more drawn to public and environmental affairs, their O'Neill School (formerly known as SPEA) offers esteemed programs in public policy, administration, and environmental science.

On the more creative side of things, their Jacobs School of Music is one of the top music schools in the nation, offering a world-class education for those pursuing a career in music performance, education, or composition. Additionally, their media school is recognized for excellent programs in journalism and communications.

If any of these programs are intriguing to you, I encourage you to visit IU's website to explore them in more detail, to see if their more offerings align with your more specific interests within these fields. Good luck with your college search!

7 months ago

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