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Can anyone drop some knowledge on scholarships for high school seniors, class of 2024?

Starting to feel the money stress, and I'm trying to get ahead on scholarships. Class of 2024 people, how are you all finding scholarships and which ones are you aiming for? Any tips are appreciated!

7 months ago

Absolutely, digging into scholarships early is a wise strategy! I recommend starting with your high school's guidance office, as they often have a list of local scholarships for which you might have a better chance of winning due to a smaller applicant pool.

You can also utilize online databases, including CollegeVine's very own scholarship search tool, which typically have filters you can set to match your profile. Aim for both broad scholarships open to all high school seniors and those specific to your interests or background, such as ones for community service or intended major.

Keep in mind, the application process can be competitive, so apply to as many as you can (while still being able to put together a polished, strong application, of course) and pay close attention to the details in each application. Strong letters of recommendation and well-written essays tailored to the scholarship theme can often be the factors that set you apart.

Good luck, and remember to stay organized!

7 months ago

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