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Including AP Scholar on the Common App

Quick question, folks – should I bother putting the AP Scholar award on my Common App? Is it considered significant enough by admissions officers, or is it too common and should I leave it out for something more unique?

7 months ago

Absolutely, you should include the AP Scholar award on your Common App. It might not be rare like a national or international recognition, but it still demonstrates your commitment to academic excellence and ability to perform well in advanced coursework. While it's true that admissions officers see it frequently, it still speaks to your academic achievement, which is never a bad thing.

Think of your academic profile like a puzzle, where each piece contributes to the complete picture of who you are as a student. So, if you have room on your application, definitely include it.

If you find that you have more prestigious awards or recognitions and don't have enough space in the "Honors" section to include them all, then consider how each piece of information you provide helps to build a comprehensive and impressive application, and include those that you feel are most relevant to understanding who you truly are as a student. For example, if you've won a state science fair or conducted significant research, these might take precedence.

Good luck filling out your Common App!

7 months ago

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