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Does 'Graduating Class Size' matter on the Common App?

Quick question, fellow applicants, does the 'Graduating Class Size' section on the Common App affect our application in any significant way? Should I just enter the number or does the context of a small/large class size need to be fleshed out somewhere? Thanks for any insights!

7 months ago

Hi there! Great question. Yes, the 'Graduating Class Size' is a piece of information that colleges use to understand the context of your high school experience. You just need to enter the actual number for your class size.

Admissions officers look at this number to gauge the level of competition and available opportunities you had compared to students from schools with different class sizes. For example, being ranked in the top 10% of a class of 500 is quite different from being in the top 10% of 50.

If your school is particularly small or large, you might find opportunities in other parts of your application, such as the additional information section, to provide context if it's crucial to your experience and story. But generally, the number itself is sufficient—you don't need to flesh out the context unless it directly impacts your achievements or the opportunities you were able to pursue.

Best of luck with your applications!

7 months ago

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