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Looking for colleges similar to Furman?

Hey all, I'm super into the vibe at Furman University with its liberal arts focus and beautiful campus. Can anyone suggest some schools with a similar feel, that are maybe also strong in environmental sciences? Would love a list to start researching!

7 months ago

Hey there! It's great that you're drawn to the liberal arts ethos and scenic campuses like Furman's. These are qualities that several schools possess. Here are a few to look into:

-You might want to explore Sewanee: The University of the South, which boasts a strong environmental studies program nestled within a picturesque setting.

-Another excellent option is Middlebury College in Vermont, well-known for its environmental sciences strength and an emphasis on sustainability.

-Bates College in Maine also aligns well with Furman's liberal arts focus, offering robust programs in the sciences within a gorgeous campus environment.

Each of these schools upholds a commitment to the liberal arts and shares that same dedication to environmental studies as Furman. Be sure to check out their individual programs and campus cultures to see which one resonates with you most!

7 months ago

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